Full text: Chronology of Human Rights Violations of the United States in 2016
March 09,2017   By:Xinhua
Feb. 23
The Washington Post website reported that Travis Stevenson, a 48-year-old black man driving a vehicle, was shot by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
On the same day, the Daily Mail reported that Dana Ericson, 59, of Nashiville, Indiana, allegedly attacked Chinese exchange student Zhang Yue with a hatchet as she was taking photos for a school project. Zhang survived the alleged attack thanks to her thick coat but still suffers from lacerations in her back that are two-inches deep. Ericon told police he is a white supremacist and that he wanted to kill Zhang as an act of "ethnic cleansing."
Feb. 24
The Washington Post website reported that Victor Rivera, a 27-year-old Hispanic man, was shot by police in Phoenix, Arizona.
On the same day, Francisco Garcia, a 26-year-old Hispanic man driving a vehicle, was shot by police in a gas station in Cerritos, California and Christopher J. Davis, an unarmed 21-year-old black man, was shot by police in East Troy, Wisconsin, according to the Washington Post website.
Feb. 25
The Washington Post website reported that Greg Gunn, a 56-year-old black man armed with a pole, was shot by police in a yard in Montgomery, Alabama.

March 2
The Los Angeles Times reported that there were over 100 colleges and universities under federal investigation for cases of sexual misconduct in the United States by the beginning of March 2016. The story said that Gabriel Piterberg, a history professor with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), paid a fine of 3,000 U.S. dollars and was suspended without pay for 11 weeks over sexual harassment. It said 38 faculty members wrote a letter to UCLA's chancellor in protest of the light punishment. In the letter, the teachers said allowing Piterberg's return to campus would make students feel unsafe and serve as a sign of tolerance for sexual harassment. In a separate protest letter, more than 65 graduate students criticized the secrecy surrounding the case and said the administration was perpetuating the unsafe and hostile climate of their department by allowing Piterberg to return. The Los Angeles Times story said a poll of 200 graduate students at University of California, Santa Cruz showed 32.6 percent of the respondents had either been sexually harassed before or known other victims.
March 3
The Washington Post website reported that Sergio Ochoa, a 27-year-old Hispanic American, was shot and killed by police in the backyard of a Gilbert home, Arizona.
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