Full text: Chronology of Human Rights Violations of the United States in 2016
March 09,2017   By:Xinhua
April 11
As reported by The New York Daily News website which cited a new report by Public Advocate Letitia James, women working for the municipal government agencies of New York had a gender pay gap three times larger than those in private sector. James' analysis found women with city government jobs made 18 percent less than men, compared to 6 percent for jobs at private for-profit companies, and 7 percent at private nonprofits.
April 13
The Washington Post website reported that 35-year-old African-American Rodney Watts was fatally shot by police in Stockton, California.
April 15
The Washington Post website reported that 38-year-old Hispanic American Clemente Najeda armed with baseball bats was fatally shot by police in Lake Elsinore, California.
April 18
The USA Today website reported that a group called "Democracy Spring" on April 11 began a 140-mile walk to the U.S. Capitol to "demand Congress take immediate action to end the corruption of big money in politics and ensure free and fair elections in which every American has an equal voice." A related group "Democracy Awakening" joined the efforts on April 16 to protest discriminatory laws, such as Voter ID laws. U.S. Capitol Police arrested more than 900 protesters.
April 22
The CNN reported that eight family members found dead in rural southern Ohio community were shot in the head "execution style" at four crime scenes. Killers were at large.
April 23
The Washington Post website reported that the 21-year-old African-American Demarcus Semer was shot by police in Fort Pierson, Florida.
April 29
The Daily Caller website reported that New York Times and its top executives were socked with a race, gender and age discrimination class action lawsuit by two older African-American female employees who claimed they were denied promotion in favor of younger whites on April 28.
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