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Chinese 'blue helmets' safeguard int'l peace, stability
August 01,2017   By:Xinhua
Aug.1,2017--As a responsible stakeholder on global peace and stability, China has deployed its armed forces in the past 27 years to take part in dozens of international peacekeeping missions in accordance with related UN mechanisms.
Tasked with preserving peace, promoting reconciliation and facilitating reconstruction, the Chinese blue helmets have significantly stepped up their engagement and ranked among the world's top contributors.
China first participated in UN peacekeeping missions in 1990, when five military observers were sent to Damascus, the capital of Syria.
Since then, China has dispatched a total of 35,000 person-times of peacekeeping and military personnel to take part in 24 UN missions.
The growing deployment in high-risk environments, and deepening involvement in local reconciliation and reconstruction processes of the Chinese "blue helmets" have demonstrated the country's goodwill -- "China is here for peace" as President Xi Jinping stated at the United Nations Peacekeeping Summit in 2015.
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