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Chinese FM refutes groundless criticism from Human Rights Watch
September 07,2017   By:Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Regular Press Conference on September 5, 2017
Sept.7,2017--Q: Human Rights Watch released a report to criticize China today. What is your response?
A: The Chinese government attaches great importance to promoting and protecting human rights. We have always actively participated in the work of the UN human rights agencies, constructively promoted the UN human rights institution in handling various human rights issues fairly and objectively, advanced different kinds of human rights, and advocated dialogue and cooperation in the field of human rights on the basis of equality and mutual respect. All bear witness to our contributions to the sound development of the international human rights cause. We urge the relevant organization to remove the tinted glasses, perceive China's human rights development and contributions to the international human rights progress in an unbiased manner, and stop groundless criticism on China.
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