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China’s top procuratorate improves case handling efficiency
October 10,2017
Oct.10,2017--China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) has adopted a new judicial mechanism for case handling since this October, which has strengthened the central role of procurators in case handling.
With the implementation of the new mechanism, simple cases will be assigned to procurators at random by computer according to preset rules. For major or complicated cases, the chief procurator will assign them to specific procurators based on actual situations. 
The new mechanism for case assignment will reduce human intervention and better regulate case handling from the source. It will also help to evaluate the performance of procurators, said Liu Zhiyuan, deputy director of case management office of the SPP.
All the prosecutors including the chief prosecutor and deputy chief procurator of the SPP must handle cases by themselves and take lifelong responsibilities for cases they handled. Procurators to hold leading positions must be experienced in case handling, said Gao Jingfeng, deputy director of the leading group of judicial system reform of the SPP.
Performance evaluation is another important part of the new mechanism. The evaluation will be more comprehensive, extensive and detailed. The result of the evaluation will affect the salary and career development of procurators, said Liu.
The new mechanism will better protect the legitimate rights and interests of parties concerned and further improve the quality and efficiency of case handling, said Gao.
By: Shi Dongdong
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