Netizens react to video of man being dragged off United Airlines plane
April 13,2017   By:CGTN
April 13, 2017 -- The United Airlines fiasco has caught the world's attention. It began when a passenger was forcibly -- and abusively -- removed from a flight departing from Chicago on April 9. The incident was the number one trending topic on the Chinese microblogging website, Weibo, as many netizens even called for a boycott of the airline.
Joe Wong, a famous comedian from China, posted "Many Chinese people have been subjected to social discrimination, but they don't speak out. This is why discrimination against Asians is not taken seriously in the U.S.." Other Weibo users responded sarcastically, saying: "I am going to tell you a joke: 'America is the country with the best human rights in the world.'" Another person wrote, "(I) wish the United Airlines (goes) bankrupt as soon as possible."
United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz issued a statement, apologizing to the passenger, while refraining to release the man's name.


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