Pretty Fisherwoman
September 22,2017   By:CRI Online
Xunpu Village is a traditional fishing village located in Donghai community, Fengze district, Quanzhou city, Fujian province. Since local men go fishing in the sea for most of the year, women are left to support the family. In the village, dress code for women is quite simple, but accessories on the head are valued. Women wear flower crown on the head which are seen as moving gardens in the village. The customs and lifestyles of Xunpu women have been included as a national intangible cultural heritage. Huang Wuduan’s words have demonstrated us the life of a modern Xunpu woman, reflecting her identity and deep feelings to local customs.

Netizen Carmen said:“May God bless this country fighting for life. Those industrious women have been contributing to their country in great ways. The culture here is beautiful. Thank you for your reports about these wonderful people.”

Netizen Andries said:“This is an industrious nation. We can see women here are hard working and beautiful.

        网友安德烈斯说: 这是一个非常勤劳的民族。我们可以看到这里的女人们也很勤奋地劳作,她们是美丽的。