The Smiling Faces on the Plateau
September 22,2017   By:CRI Online
In Qinghai, northwest China, education for ethnic minorities is a key element of the national education. The local education authorities have adopted various means to safeguard rights of children of school age to receive education. To further understand the situation in Qinghai, journalists visited Sanjiangyuan Ethnic Middle School, Qinghai province and the First Ethnic Primary School, Maqin County, Guoluo prefecture to get to know a full picture of the ethnic minorities education in Qinghai.

Netizen Rafael Antonio said it sets a good example for many other countries. It is very important to invest in education to provide equal opportunities to every child to realize their dreams.

Netizen Domingos Shayla said:“it is so great. I hope children there can live a happy life and will be teachers in the future.”

Netizen Henri Masson from France said:“I can see the education there and I can feel their dreams and love.”

        法国网友亨利马松Henri Masson说:我看到了孩子们受教育的状况,也感受到了他们的梦想和爱。