The tea maker only truly appreciates the real flavor of tea after turning thirty
September 22,2017   By:CRI Online
Anxi County, located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, is home to Tie Guanyin, the best variety of oolong tea. Both the tree and tea share the name of Tie Guanyin. Due to its strict requirement for the environment, the tree is extremely hard to grow. It needs 18 procedures to make Tie Guanyin and many of them have to rely on the experience of tea makers.

Wei Yuede, an inheritor of national intangible heritage, said since the weather in Anxi is quite variable, it is necessary for a tea maker to know the soil, air and moisture of different places of Anxi. A good drink of tea must be made with your heart and mind. One is never too old to learn. It is said that a tea maker can truly appreciate the real flavor of tea after turning thirty.