Good example set for protecting rights of senior citizens
May 19,2017   By:China Daily


May 19, 2017 -- An elderly woman dines at a nursing home in Hangzhou.[Sun Yidou / For China Daily]

May 19, 2017 -- Draft rules on protecting the rights and interests of senior citizens in Yunnan province state they have the right to remarry, and, for the first time, should they do so their children should not interfere in their family life. An article on scwmw.gov.cn comments:

This is the first time that administrative rules at the provincial level include such an article. It is a necessary step to respect the legal rights and interests of senior citizens, and also a step forward to persuade the legislature to write the article into relevant laws.

China's population above the age of 60 will reach 250 million in 2020 and more than 300 million in 2025. The remarriage of those senior citizens who lose their spouse will become more common.

A recent survey shows 41 percent of respondents supported their aged parents remarrying if they lost their partner, and 26 percent said they would respect their parents' decision. That is a significant change from previous surveys, which revealed that most respondents said old people should live alone or with their children if they lost their spouse.

The main reason for this was that the children were concerned the newcomer to the family would inherit what they considered to be their inheritance. The draft rules issued by the Yunnan authorities say that senior citizens can obtain prenuptial agreements to allay their children's fears and avoid fraud.

Senior citizens are the same as anyone else in their pursuit of love and happiness. Their independence, freedom and property are protected by the law, which cannot be breached by anybody including their offspring.

In other words, young people have no legal justification for interfering with the personal lives of their aged parents.

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