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70 years of ethnic autonomy means solidarity, prosperity
August 10,2017   By:Xinhua

Aug.10,2017--Photo taken on Aug. 8, 2017 shows a view of the celebration marking the 70th anniversary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in Hohhot, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Aug. 8, 2017.(Xinhua/Lian Zhen)

Aug.10,2017--Former middle school teacher and principal, Enktobxin, an ethnic Mongolian, is Chinese Communist Party chief of Damao Banner in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
Born into a family of herdsmen, Enktobxin, 50, grew up under the Party's ethnic policies and has made a success of his studies and his career.
"My Mongolian name means peace. I have grown up in a peaceful environment," he said.
This year is the 70th anniversary of the region, China's first with a system of regional ethnic autonomy, conceived to foster equality, solidarity and prosperity among all ethnic groups.
Enktobxin spoke only Mongolian at school. He learned Mandarin at college and now speaks it fluently. He obtained a master's degree in ecology from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University and a doctorate from Minzu University of China in Beijing.
Leaders of autonomous regions, prefectures and counties must be members of the relevant minority group and the governments must have a proper number of personnel from minorities.
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