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About 6 pct of Brazilian children out of school: study
April 10,2017   By:Xinhua
RIO DE JANEIRO, April 10,2017-- Brazil has over 2.48 million minors aged between four and 17 without access to school, according to a study published Wednesday.
The figure represents 6 percent of the total number of children and teenagers in that age bracket in Brazil, said the study, which was carried out by nongovernmental organization All for Education.
Priscila Cruz, chief executive of All for Education, considered the situation worrying, saying those who cannot afford schooling are the most vulnerable social groups, such as children from poor families, children with disabilities and those who live in remote areas.
The study shows that over 1.54 million of school dropouts are aged from 15 to 17.
Reasons for this alarming situation ranges from teenage pregnancy, financial difficulties, violence, to other difficulties faced by the teen's family.
Cruz believes that the reform of high school system, which was signed into law earlier this year, may help address these concerns and reduce school dropouts, but it depends on how the new system will work out.
Despite the fact that there are still millions of children unable to go to school, the percentage of Brazilian minors aged between four and 17 with access to school education rose from 89.5 percent in 2005 to 94.2 percent in 2015.
The data used in the study are from the National Sample Survey of Households.
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