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Myanmar National Security Adviser pledges to take legal measures against human right abuses
April 12,2017   By:Xinhua
YANGON, April 12,2017-- Myanmar government will take legal measures against human right abuses if there is any clear evidence, said U Thaung Tun, National Security Adviser to the government, on Tuesday.
The National Security Advisor made the remarks when briefing diplomatic corps and UN Specialized Agencies on recent situation and development in Rakhine state at the National Reconciliation and Peace Center in Yangon.
He emphasized that the criminal acts to instill terror in the population could not be condoned under any circumstance, warning that any attempt to sow the seeds of terror in one country can affect the peace and stability inside and outside the region.
He pointed out the government's continued efforts to address the issue by stressing the importance of building trust and confidence between the communities, addressing poverty and underdevelopment and finding lasting solution.
He made clear the government's position to dissociate itself from the decision adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council as the resolution was less than constructive.
He reaffirmed the government's commitment to implement the large majority of the recommendations in the interim report published by the Advisory Commission on Rakhine state promptly, highlighting a number of positive developments such as initiative of a process to close down IDP camps in Kyaukphyu, Sittwe and Ramree, allowing media access, ICRC's prison visit, and increased humanitarian access and measures to expedite national verification process.
He appreciated the donor countries and international organizations for their assistance.
The National Security Advisor hoped the international community would continue to understand and provide constructive support for the government's endeavor to build peace, justice and development for all the people living in Rakhine.
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