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UN urges political actors in DR Congo to keep interests of people above all
May 08,2017   By:Xinhua

UNITED NATIONS, May 8, 2017 -- The UN Security Council has urged all political actors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to keep the interests of people above all else.

Voicing concern over challenges to the implementation of last year's political agreement in the DRC and deteriorating humanitarian and security situation, the Security Council has urged all stakeholders "to redouble their efforts to resolve the problems faced by the country," said members of the Security Council in a statement late Thursday.

The agreement, popularly referred to as the "December agreement" represented a significant step towards a peacefully managed transition. However, its implementation has since seen considerable difficulties.

"Effective, swift and timely implementation of the agreement is critical to a credible process and the peace and stability of the DRC, as well as in supporting the legitimacy of the transitional institutions, as it represents a viable roadmap towards the holding of peaceful and democratic elections," according to the statement.

Also in the statement, the members urged for the swift and inclusive establishment of a government of national unity, the adoption of a new electoral law and the full implementation of the confidence building measures in chapter V of the December 31, 2016 agreement, some of which are yet to be implemented.

They also urged all national political stakeholders to overcome their differences, uphold the interests of their people and ensure that they are guided by the rule of law, restraint and the spirit of compromise and dialogue.

The members of Security Council condemned violence and alleged violations and abuses of human rights in the Kasai region as well as the deteriorating humanitarian and security situation in the region, which according to reports, has displaced more than 1 million people within the country and more than 11,000 across its borders, according to the statement.

They also stressed the need for a swift and full investigation into the killing of the two members of the Group of Experts established pursuant to Security Council resolution 1533 (2004).

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