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People's Daily Comments: Saudi Arabia's removal of women's driving license ban is a leap forward
September 30,2017   By:People's Daily Online
September 30, 2017 -- King Salman of Saudi Arabia recently announced that the kingdom finally agreed to let women drive, starting next year. Related departments have 30 days to give comments. The statement means that the only country that had banned women from driving will see women sitting behind wheel starting June, 2018, which is a big leap to the goal of equal rights.
Saudi Arabia is seeing positive changes pushed by the rapid development of this era. In 2011, women were granted the right to vote and be voted in local elections. In 2014, 30 women were elected to the Consultative Assembly. Women were invited to attend the National Day celebration for the first time last week. The royal family has been devoted to contributing to the equality of men and women in the country. “The decision was not just a major social change but part of the country’s economic reforms,” said Prince Khaled bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States.
The most essential element behind the goal of equality of men and women is the reformation of concept. After the ban was removed, some women immediately got on the road for test driving. Some driving schools said they received many phone calls from women. In contrast, some conservative men still think that driving is a crime for women and urged people with “morality” to protest against the change. In this case, changing the old concept and building a safe, tolerate, and sound environment for women are more important than the policy change itself.
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