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109 killed, nearly 800 injured in highway traffic accidents in Myanmar in 11 months
December 04,2017   By:Xinhua
YANGON, Dec.4,2017-- A total of 109 people were killed and about 800 people injured in traffic accidents on Myanmar's Yangon-Mandalay highway in 11 months this year, local media The Voice reported Sunday.
Due to reckless driving, road damage, stalled vehicles and other reasons, a total of 500 car accident cases occurred on the busiest highway so far this year.
Aiming to enhance traffic safety along the highway, Myanmar has increased the number of road safety police, opening 16 police stations along the road since 2012.
Repairing the damaged parts of the highway is underway by the authorities.
The 587 km long highway, connecting the country's commercial city Yangon and second largest city Mandalay, was opened to reduce the travel time between the two cities in December 2010.
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