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China active in global climate governance
April 04,2018
April 4,2018--To address environmental concerns, China has taken a slew of effective measures such as cutting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing coal consumption.
During the past five years, China’s energy and water consumption per unit of GDP has dropped by over 20 percent and the forest coverage has increased by about 108,666 square kilometers.
China is an active advocate of international cooperation to address global climate change. President Xi Jinping said at the United Nations Climate Change Conference that we should abandon zero-sum mentality in favor of mutual benefits and win-win situation.
China has been a world leader in energy saving and renewable energy utilization. By improving policy transparency and providing financial support to other developing countries, China has been making contribution to global low carbon economy.
China has set green finance as a strategic priority. As the largest green bonds and carbon trading market, China is now a global beacon in environmental protection, renewable energy utilization and green finance.
By: Shi Dongdong
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