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Survey shows people support textile recycling
June 13,2018   By:Xinhua
BEIJING, June 13, 2018 -- A total of 52.7 percent of 2,018 respondents want a better textile recycling system, according to a survey released by China Youth Daily on Tuesday.
China's textile recycling rate is below 10 percent, much lower than many developed countries, according to the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
A total of 55.8 percent of respondents attributed the low rate to the lack of recycling facilities.
"A large majority of textile waste is disposed of in landfills or incinerated with other waste," said Wang Huaping, deputy dean of a research institute of the Donghua University.
To address the issue, 43 percent of respondents suggested a more accessible recycling system while 42.4 percent suggested better legislation and government standards.
"China has the largest textile industry in the world. Therefore, we should have the largest textile recycling system," said Wang.
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