China holds gala tour overseas
February 08,2018   By:China Daily/Xinhua
Addressing the event, Yu Hong, the Chinese ambassador to Nepal, said such events provide an opportunity for the Nepali people to understand more about Chinese culture.
She said the political, economic and cultural relations between the countries are being strengthened every day, adding that China will always support Nepal for its overall development endeavors.
Agni Prasad Sapkota, Nepal's former information and communication minister, said "such programs are important to enhance cultural ties and I believe it will contribute to Nepal's stability, development and prosperity".
According to the China Cultural Center in Nepal, the event, which included acrobats, ethnic songs and dance performances, will boost harmony and communication between the peoples of the two countries.
During the show, Chinese artists treated the audience to a number of ethnic and modern performances. Guizhou dance, Basha men dance, bone shrinking art, leaf music, Fanpai wooden drum dance were some of the highlights.
Various cultural events including music and dance performance, photo exhibitions and art shows are also being held in Nepal to celebrate the Spring Festival.
In Ethiopia on Monday, Chinese troupes staged performances at the National Theater of Ethiopia. The event was attended by Chinese, Ethiopians and other nationals who are living in Addis Ababa.
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