Belt & Road Initiative photo exhibition kicks off in Berlin
July 04,2018   By:Xinhua
BERLIN, July 4, 2018 -- An exhibition of 43 photos featuring achievements of the Belt and Road Initiative as well as landscapes of participating countries kicked off here.
Wang Weidong, Minister counselor of commerce of the Chinese embassy in Germany, said the initiative is a "regional cooperation platform characterized by openness and inclusiveness," while addressing the ceremony which was held Monday evening in the Chinese Culture Center in Berlin.
"We welcome the German industry's participation in this initiative and look forward to your constructive ideas and concrete proposals on how China and Germany can work together better and more pragmatically in this context," said Wang.
After the opening ceremony, the 60-or-so audience walked through the photo gallery and stopped at almost each photo.
Bernd Jakobi, a book keeper in Berlin, told Xinhua that he read a lot from books and newspapers about the concept of "Belt and Road Initiative", "It's a huge project, I think it is going to change the world."
Bernd said although there will be some conflicts of interests between China and the U.S., he believes the project will bring benefits to countries along the route.
His wife, Ira Jakobi, was impressed by photos of Hena Expressway in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in south China, a road winding through a picturesque valley featuring Karst landform and bright yellow crop fields. "I was impressed by the big roads and bridges," Ira Jakobi said.
Dr. Rolf Bobach with Innovation and Education Center of Hohen Lukow, told Xinhua, the exhibition enabled him to learn about the concept behind the Belt and Road Initiative from the Chinese side, which is quite helpful.
As a chemistry scientist, he looks forward to cooperating with Chinese scientists and science institutions of countries along the "Belt and Road", in such areas as environmental protection during industrial manufacturing.
The exhibition will last until Aug. 29. 
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