VOL. 17 NO. 1 FEBRUARY 2018
July 18,2018   By:CSHRS

Congratulatory Message from President Xi Jinping to the “South-South Human Rights Forum”

The Development of a Law-based Society Contributes to the Legal Protection of Human Rights in China
ZHANG Yonghe

Declaration of Rights Upholding Humanistic Concerns

Rule by Criminal Law is a Seismograph for the Protection of Human Rights

Opportunities and Challenges for the Human Rights Development of Southern Countries in the Belt and Road Initiative
CHEN Bateer & LI Shuanglong

Belt and Road Initiative and Realization of the Right to Development
LI Yunlong

Poverty Reduction, Cultural Narrative, and the Realization of Development Rights in South-South Cooperation
BU Wei

Strengthening South-South Judicial Cooperation to Promote the Development of Global Human Rights
LI Xiao

Protection of the Human Rights of Those Under Guardianship in the General Provisions of the Civil Law
XIA Yinlan

Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Under the Framework of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
ZHAO Mingxia & ZHANG Xiaoling

Beijing Declaration
The First South-South Human Rights Forum

New Progress in the Legal Protection of Human Rights in China
The State Council Information Office, PRC

Building a Community with a Shared Future for Human Beings: New Opportunity for South-South Human Rights Development — Overview of the First South-South Human Rights Forum
QI Mingjie

Overview of the Symposium on Human Rights Cause in China in the New Era

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