Highlights of Supreme People’s Court Work Report
September 06,2018   By:CSHRS
Highlights of Supreme People’s Court Work Report
Zhou Qiang, China’s chief justice, delivered a work report of the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) at the second plenary meeting of the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, March 9, 2018.
Following are highlights of his report:
WORK FOR 2013-2017
The SPC heard about 82,383 cases and closed about 79,692 ones, up 60.6 percent and 58.8 percent over the previous five-year period respectively.
Local courts nationwide heard about 88.97 million cases and closed 85.98 million ones, up 58.6 percent and 55.6 percent over the previous five years respectively.
A total of 6.07 million suspects were convicted in the first trials of 5.49 million criminal cases.
A total of 195,000 graft cases including bribery and embezzlement were concluded, involing 101 officials at and above ministerial level.
A total of 42,000 criminal cases including offenses related to food and drug safety were concluded.
Chinese courts reopened trials of 6,747 criminal cases and rectified the sentences.
A total of 2,943 suspects prosecuted by the state were acquited.
A total of 31,527 convicts were granted amnesty.
Chinese courts tried 683,000 cases of intellectual property rights.
Chinese courts heard 1,383 public interest litigation cases for environmental dam-age lodged by prosecutors, and another 252 such cases filed by non-governmental organizations.
A total of 85 judges died of fatigue or assaults on duty.
The SPC punished its 53 staff members for violating Party disciplinary rules and law.
A total of 3,338 staff members at local courts nationwide were caught misusing their power, 531 of whom were prosecuted.
A total of 1,762 leading officials of courts were held accountable for poor leader-ship.
The SPC will launch a large-scale education campaign of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and the spirit of the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress.
The SPC will step up crackdown upon infiltrative, subversive and separatist activi-ties, terrorism, organized crimes, porns, gambling, drugs, human trafficking, pyra-mid schemes, illegal fundraising, and graft.
The SPC will create a better legal environment for economic development and en-hance protection of property rights.
The SPC will provide better judicial service for ordinary people, respect lawyers’ right to exercise their duties, and make sure the execution of court orders.
The SPC will continue pushing forward judicial reforms.
The SPC will further enhance transparency of court proceedings and legal documents.
The SPC will discipline judges and court staff more strictly and uphold a zero toler-ance policy on corruption.
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