UNEP director: China’s ecological philosophy a model for world
March 23,2018   By:chinahumanrights.org
March 23, 2018 -- “China’s attitude towards environmental protection has changed dramatically and the country has taken concrete action to address the issue,” said Eric Solheim, UN under-secretary general and executive director of the UN Environment Program (UNEP).
“Actions speak louder than words. Cities including Beijing have seen great improvement in air quality and the use of renewable energy in public transportation is very impressive,” said Solheim.
China’s experience has shown economic development can be achieved without sacrificing the environment. China’s efforts to protect the environment have created more jobs, said Solheim. 
“I strongly agree with China’s philosophy on ecological civilization which should be a model for other countries to follow,” said Solheim.
Solheim stressed that environmental protection is also vital for the Belt and Road Initiative which should highlight ecology and sustainable development.
By: Shi Dongdong
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