Chinese wisdom contributing to global governance
June 15,2018   By:Xinhua
June 14, 2018-- China has exerted more efforts in recent years to participate in world affairs and exercise its vision to improve global governance.
Dr. Selcuk Colakoglu, Director of the Turkish Center for Asia Pacific Studies and professor of International Relations, said China's foreign policy approach, which is based on peaceful development, is a source of inspiration to promote the settlement of disputes.
China under President Xi Jinping has successfully followed the guideline of peaceful and cooperative diplomacy and contributed to creating the concept of "a human community with shared destiny", said Colakoglu.
"It can be clearly said that China is one of the leading countries with a positive agenda for international cooperation and globalization," said Colakoglu.
"China has increasingly played a responsible leadership role in global governance since the global financial crisis in 2008," the expert said.
China also identified inclusiveness as one of the G20 priorities during its Presidency in 2016. China had worked under the banners "inclusive growth", "inclusive finance", and "green finance" as the G20's core agenda, said Colakoglu.
China has also been financing numerous infrastructure projects all around African LDCs mainly through the Exim Bank of China, and the newly established Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is expected to contribute substantially to such investments in the future. China's Belt and Road Initiative foresees the installment of a wide range of cooperative efforts, from infrastructure to developmental aid, elaborated Colakoglu.
Finally, China is playing a crucial role in the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement in the name of "green finance," added Colakoglu.
Commenting on the Chinese proposal of a community of shared future for mankind, Robert Hormats, former U.S. Secretary of State and Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates, said he thinks President Xi is showing a lot of vision, especially concerning his environmental initiatives.
"I think one of the interesting things that's worth doing is to take an idea like that, community of shared vision, and have a discussion among various people," said Hormats.
"What is it going to achieve? What can we do to improve the outlook for humanity? I think it is an interesting idea. President Xi came up with the China Dream. He is trying to provide people with great opportunities, health care, education, advancement. By the same token, working together on the vision internationally would be very important. That is to help people to improve their lives, helping people to live longer, helping people to have a better life, better health, greater opportunities for their kids," said Hormats.
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