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South-South experience exchange forwards eradication of poverty, hunger: FAO side-event
June 07,2018   By:Xinhua
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June 7, 2018-- Sharing experiences through South-South Cooperation was a "powerful tool" to forward poverty and hunger eradication, officials at a side-event at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) headquarters said on Wednesday.
The initiative -- titled "End poverty and hunger and secure the right to food" -- comprised a photo exhibition and an in-depth debate on successful policies for reaching the first two Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provided by the Agenda 2030.
China, Chad, Kenya, Senegal, and Ghana were in the spotlight, each of them giving concrete examples of the strategies they were implementing or planning to reach such goals.
In his opening remarks, FAO Deputy Director General for Programmes Daniel Gustafson reminded that, despite the progress made in latest decades, the global challenges remained daunting.
"Some 783 million people continue to live in extreme poverty... and the number of chronically food-insecure people was 815 million in 2016, up from 777 million in 2015," Gustafson said.
However, FAO virtuous country members could lead the global fight into a new phase.
"China, Chad, Ghana, Kenya, and Senegal are examples of how to accelerate progress," the FAO official declared.
"China is moving quickly towards its goal of eradicating poverty 10 years before the SDGs deadline (2030), and has a lot to share," he added.
Indeed, as Chinese Ambassador to FAO Niu Dun explained, China has actively taken part in the global cooperation, while developing itself.
"Up to now, we have sent more than 1,000 experts and technicians to Africa, Asia, South Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean to help countries improve their food security," Niu said.