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Gov‘ts should adhere to people-centered approach in protecting human rights: Chinese diplomat
July 03,2018   By:Xinhua
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GENEVA, July 3, 2018 -- A Chinese diplomat on Monday stressed that governments should adhere to a people-centered approach and focus on raising living standards as a way to safeguard human rights.
Speaking on behalf of nearly 140 countries, Yu Jianhua, head of the Chinese Mission to the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, said during the 38th session of the UN Human Rights Council that human rights has become a common aspiration for humanity.
According to Yu, insisting on a people-centered approach means ensuring everyone's well-being. Such an approach means people will be the driving force for development and its primary beneficiaries.
"All countries should effectively implement the 2030 sustainable development agenda and achieve sustainable development in economic, social and environmental aspects, and not to let anyone fall behind," he said.
Adhering to a people-centered approach is to respect people's dignity and rights; to enhance a sense of gain, happiness and security; to improve well-being and living standards; and to make development more equitable, Yu said.
All countries should strive to eliminate poverty and inequality, increase employment, raise incomes, provide high-quality education and medical services, strengthen the creation of a social welfare system, promote social justice and fully guarantee the rights of women, children, the disabled, the elderly and minority ethnic groups, he said.
While relying mainly on its own government and population, a people-centered approach also requires cooperation with other countries, multilateralism and an adherence to international norms, Yu said.
"All parties should carry out constructive dialogue and cooperation in the field of human rights, learn from each other, make progress together and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results," he stressed.
According to the Chinese diplomat, multilateral human rights institutions should ensure universality, impartiality, objectivity and non-selectivity. At the same time they should avoid unnecessary politicizing in order to promote the sound development of the international human rights cause.