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China's rescue team gets OK to search for boat victims in Phuket
July 09,2018   By:China Daily
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July 9, 2018-- Rescue experts from China's Zhejiang Rescue Team of Ramunion, a local civil rescue organization, were approved by Thailand's military to start search for missing tourists Sunday morning.
He Jun, leader of the rescue team, told media on WeChat that members of rescue team who will conduct deep-sea diving missions have recorded video " testament" on the shore before departure.
Su Linyuan, a 33-year-old rescue diver, said he is fully aware of the danger of the mission, but he believes what he is doing is the most meaningful thing in his life.
Su said he will he will do all he can to bring the Chinese victims back to motherland.
At least 42 people were confirmed dead and 15 remained missing, according to the latest report by the Chinese Embassy in Thailand.
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