Reform of prosecution system to ensure justice
January 03,2018   By:Xinhua
Jan. 3, 2018 -- The Supreme People's Procuratorate issued a notice on Tuesday calling for deep reform of the prosecution system to prevent miscarriages of justice.
The notice stipulates that prosecutors will take responsibility for the cases they handle to ensure justice is done.
"Those who are dealing with or make decisions about cases will be held accountable if it is discovered that the people involved were wrongly charged," the SPP said.
Moreover, the prosecuting departments will work with the new supervision commissions to promote supervisory system reform, and explore setting up a new working mechanism with the commissions.
"Making such reforms will improve the system and enable the public to see justice and fairness in every judicial case," the SPP said.
Since early 2017, China has conducted a pilot program to set up supervision commissions in Beijing as well as Shanxi and Zhejiang provinces, to centralize the fight against corruption.
Supervision commissions will incorporate existing supervisory, corruption prevention and control agencies within the governments and procuratorates.
Local procuratorates have been playing an essential role in arresting and prosecuting suspects, but many cases of injustice have occurred due to graft and the illegal collection of evidence, which has aroused attention from the public and media.
The SPP said prosecutors will place discipline as a top priority and keep themselves away from any duty-related crimes.
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