Human Rights in China: Right to development at the center of China’s human rights agenda
April 26,2018   By:CGTN
April 26, 2018 -- Now to the Chinese city of Changsha and a workshop on the construction of human rights discourse in the New Era in China. The workshop stresses China must choose a human rights system that's best suited for China. Scholars say copying the western human rights system will not work for China. Instead the most important thing is to choose a path that is best suited for the country. China is the world's largest developing country, with regions under different stages of development. Scholars say putting people's right to development on the Chinese human rights agenda is more in line with China's current reality. The workshop also stresses China will build a system to share its experience in human rights with other developing nations.
XIANGBA PINGCUO DEPUTY CHAIRMAN, 12TH NPC STANDING COMMITTEE "China will keep its policy people-centered. We vow to safeguard the people's right to life and right to development, and to make sure the people are the masters of the country. China will keep improving its legal system to safeguard people's right, so that their sense of worth, happiness and security can be secured."


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