U. S. 2017 Human Rights Report:(5) Gun Control Hurdles 
May 14,2018   By:CCTV
61,548. That’s the number of gun related incidents in the US in 2017.
More than 15 thousand people were killed, another 31 thousand injured.
About four thousand minors were killed or injured by guns.
A mass shooting occurred nine out of every 10 days.
Why is ‘gun control’ so difficult in the US?
Here are the reasons why.

First, the “right to bear arms.”
It was enshrined in the Second amendment of the US constitution, the ultimate barrier to implementing strict gun laws.
Second, guns are everywhere.
The US has as many gun shops as pharmacies. The second hand gun market is huge, and often illegal.
Third, regulations on firearm sales have many loopholes
Background checks, age limits, eligibility, and the number of guns available vary from place to place.
Why can’t the US implement a comprehensive ‘gun control’ law?
Because the National Rifle Association stands in the way.
The NRA was just a club for hunting and sports back when it was founded in 1871.
Today, it’s one of the biggest political forces in Washington, D.C., with 5 million members funding politicians and lobbying against gun control.
97% of Americans have a strong desire to see a comprehensive federal gun control law, but they’ve been failed by their politicians.
When faced with another school shooting, the NRA says the solution is not less guns, but more. The NRA proposes arming teachers, or keeping children away from violent video games. Lawmakers who disagree, well, the NRA has already bought their silence.
In the 2016 general election, the NRA spent $54 million on 86 Republican candidates.
President Trump was the biggest beneficiary
Among the 535 current members of the Congress, 307 were backed by the NRA in their campaigns.
In 2017, the NRA contributed more than $5.1 million toward lobbying.
A huge chain of money for power between politicians and the NRA has developed, putting a roadblock in front of any gun control efforts, despite the growing death toll.
When innocent young lives are lost,
Washington D.C. can only offer thoughts and prayers,
and nothing more.


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