U. S. 2017 Human Rights Report:(7) Survillence Country
May 14,2018   By:CCTV
Year 2016. According to American politicians, Russian hackers affected the presidential election in the US.
Sub: 2017
Year 2017. The US evaluated cyber threats from Russia and China to be 8 points on a 10-point scale. The US presented itself as the victim. But is it really so?
Sub: China and Russia pose a threat to the US. Seriously?
Sub: The big brother is watching you.
Edward Snowden is a former CIA employee, whose name became world-known in 2013.
Sub: Snowden: traitor or justice fighter?
He revealed things many people knew but were afraid to talk about: USA Intelligence agencies have total control not only over their own citizens but all over the world.
Sub: Edward Snowden,
former CIA employee
Edward Snowden: I can’t let the US government destroy internet privacy and freedom as well as basic liberties for people around the world.
Meet PRISM, a secret information-collecting program. Participants: FBI, CIA. Developer: NSA. Its approximate cost is about 20 million US dollars per year.
Sub: Secret software can recognize audio  communication content.
Many major companies including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Skype and YouTube  had to provide the US electronic intelligence with information from their servers.
Each day, that software intercepts about seven billion phone calls along with the information about the phone owners' movements all over the world. Your phone became your individual spy.
Shortly after Snowden's disclosures, waves of protests hit the US. People demonstrated against the invasion of privacy. The reputation of the US intelligence agencies was badly damaged.
Michael Hayden,
former CIA director (2006-2009)
Do you remember Hurricane Katrina? That's how I imagine Mr. Snowden’s activity.
After Snowden's revelations, the UN accused the US of eavesdropping on the UN headquarters in New York. That’s a direct violation of international institutions’ diplomatic immunity.
Sub: counterterrorism or political espionage?
Upon receiving the information about Angela Merkel's phone being wiretapped, Germany terminated its electronic intelligence agreement with the US. It appeared that during the G20 summit in London in 2009, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev’s phone was tapped as well. The calls were intercepted from here – a secret US base in the UK suburb of Harrogate City, North Yorkshire.
Sub: Edward Snowden,
former CIA employee
Edward Snowden: Together we can end the total surveillance. It’s always easier to ask than to spy.
Sub: If there is no foreign enemy, you have to think of one.
Through the years, espionage on «Americans and others» was rapidly growing. The annual budget of the CIA is about 45 billion US dollars. One would think that with such capabilities the country would be completely secured from all cyber threats. For the second year, the US is trying to prove that Russian hackers could infiltrate into national secrets and affect its  presidential election. They try to build up the public opinion that the other countries control Americans much more than their own intelligence services. But do you still believe it?  


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