U. S. 2017 Human Rights Report:(4) Discrimination against Muslims
May 14,2018   By:CCTV
Muslim population is less than one percent of the population of the United States. In recent years, this group has encountered increasingly serious discrimination.
Nearly three-quarter of American adult Muslims indicate there is a lot of discrimination against Muslims in American society.  – Pew Research, 2017
More than half of Muslims believe that being a Muslim in the United States has become more difficult in recent years.  – Pew Research, 2017
The United States has an increasingly negative view of Islam, a sharp rise in religious discrimination, and an increase in insults and attacks on Muslims.
Three Muslim students near University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill were shot dead in February 10, 2015
Paul Ryan
Speaker of the House
Rachel Maddow
Anchor of MSNBC

Diane Feinstein
Senior US Senator
Lena F.Masri 
Officer of litigation, Council on American-Islamic Relations

Thomas Friedman
Famous author,Columnist of The New York Times
British citizen
John F. Kelly
Previously served as Secretary of Homeland Security
Imam Johari Abdul-Malik
Dar AL-Hijrah Islamic Center, Northern Virginia
Hossein Goal Falls
Local businessman
Imam Johari Abdul-Malik
Dar AL-Hijrah Islamic Center, Northern Virginia


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