China improves legal aid system
March 13,2018   By:chinahumanrights.org
March 13, 2018 -- In 2017, China made arduous efforts to improve its legal aid system.
A new legal aid regulation has been formulated. 30 provinces extended the coverage of legal aid, with a focus on labor, marriage, food, education and health care. 20 provinces raised subsistence for people in economic hardship. 
Hotlines had been opened across China by the end of 2017. 12 provinces have built mobile apps, 18 provinces have opened official Wechat accounts, and 133 cities have launched online platforms to provide easier access to legal aid.  
In 2017, legal aid institutions at all levels provided legal aid for about 490,000 migrant workers, 60,000 disabled people, 120,000 elderly people and 140,000 juveniles.
At present, there have been some 3,200 legal aid institutions, 70,000 stations and 3,000 service windows in China. Last year, 1.307 million legal aid cases were dealt with, 1.388 million people were offered legal aid and 8.382 million people received legal consultation.
In addition, criminal suspects and defendants now can receive legal aid from lawyers working in courts and detention centers.
By: Ma Wenhui
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