Disabled workers warm diners' hearts
May 15,2018   By:Xinhua

May 15, 2018 -- A worker hands coffee to a customer at Silent Cake bakery in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, where most of the 22 employees are hearing-and speech-impaired. [Photo by Chen Hui/Nanfang Metropolis Daily]
Bakery employees use notebooks, sign language to communicate with each other-and customers
May 15, 2018 -- Despite being full of customers at breakfast, the bakery Luo Yanan works at is quiet but for the clicking and clacking of high heels and cash registers.
Greeting every customer with a big smile and a friendly gesture, Luo is among the 18 employees who can neither hear nor speak at the Silent Cake bakery in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.
At the entrance are signs that explain: "Most employees in this bakery are hearing-and speech-impaired, so it may take a little longer for you to order and pay. Please be patient."
Instead of verbal communication, employees use sign language or write things down on notebooks.
Before placing an order, Luo, who is in her early 20s, takes out the menu and a notebook to let the customer write down the order and payment method. She packs the takeout orders.
"We haven't had any complaints since we opened in March," said the bakery's co-founder, Zeng Nan. "The customers are friendly and always wait patiently, and some even help clear tables."
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