Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng: China Has Achieved the Fastest Human Rights Progress in History
November 08,2018   By:FMPRC
Nov.7,2018-- When attending the third Universal Periodic Review at the United Nations Human Rights Council, head of the Chinese delegation and Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng told journalists after the review that the Chinese delegation performed extremely well and confidently on the spot.

He answered more than 300 questions from 150 countries in a panoramic manner. The reason we are confident and proud is that China has been on the right path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and has made universally recognized achievements in the cause of human rights.

In today’s world, many countries are mired in wars and conflicts, crises and turbulence, social disintegration, increasing poverty and political farces. In contrast, on the land with more than 9.6 million square kilometers, China has no war, no fear and no displacement. We have established the largest education, healthcare and social security systems in the world, and people’s sense of happiness, gain and security have been continuously enhanced. It can be said that China has set up the world’s largest human rights protection project, achieved the fastest human rights progress in history, and made significant contributions to the world’s cause of human rights.
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