Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng: Freedom of Speech Also Has Its Red Line
November 08,2018   By:FMPRC
Nov.8,2018-- When attending the third Universal Periodic Review at the United Nations Human Rights Council, head of the Chinese delegation and Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng strongly refuted such rhetoric that China suppresses the freedom of speech. 
He expressed that as absolute freedom does not exist, freedom of speech also has its red line, which means that breach of law and infringement of others' rights are not allowed. China has 800 million netizens, including over 400 million monthly active users on Weibo, who produce more than 30 billion pieces of information on a daily basis, and about 12,000 kinds of newspapers and periodicals. 
It is fair to say that China, a country of the richest and most active thoughts, boasts the world's largest information production. What sort of logic is it to accuse our country of having no freedom of speech? What is the freedom of speech if it constitutes incitation to division, hatred, terrorism and extremism?
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