China comprehensively promotes rule of law for human rights: white paper
December 12,2018   By:Xinhua
BEIJING, Dec. 12, 2018 -- A white paper released Wednesday by the State Council Information Office noted new progress made by China in the legal protection of human rights since the reform and opening up began in 1978.
China has been striving to build a socialist country under the rule of law, said the white paper, titled "Progress in Human Rights over the 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up in China."
It said the country had endeavored to ensure "that a well-conceived approach is taken to legislation, that law is strictly enforced, that justice is impartially administered, and that the law is observed by everyone."
"China has established a legal framework to protect human rights," the white paper said, adding that the legal norms guaranteeing civil and political rights as well as economic, social and cultural rights have been improved.
The country has set up a strict and impartial law enforcement system for human rights protection, with administrative power delimited in accordance with the law, procedures for administrative law enforcement continuously improved, and strict, procedure-based, impartial and non-abusive law enforcement promoted, said the white paper.
China has effectively enhanced judicial protection of human rights, the white paper said, noting that the progress has been boosted under the country's deepened judicial reform.
Efforts have been made to ensure that all parties enjoy the right to fair trial and guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of criminal suspects, defendants, prisoners and people released after serving their sentence, it said.
The country has also improved the state compensation system and judicial aid system, and effectively resolved difficulties in the execution of court rulings and ensured the interests of successful litigants, said the white paper.
China has established a tight rule of law system against corruption, it said, adding that the country has improved anti-corruption institutions and resolutely fought against corruption.
The white paper also said that China had been enhancing public awareness of the rule of law for human rights, and built a positive atmosphere and strong foundation for the legal protection of human rights.
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