China actively participates in global governance of human rights: white paper
December 12,2018   By:Xinhua
BEIJING, Dec. 12, 2018 -- China has been actively participating in global governance of human rights over the past 40 years, said a white paper released Wednesday by the State Council Information Office.
During the past decades, China has been active in UN human rights undertakings, fulfilling its international obligations, conducting extensive international cooperation, and advancing the global governance of human rights in a fair and rational direction, said the white paper.
Titled "Progress in Human Rights over the 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up in China," the white paper said China has been fulfilling obligations in international instruments on human rights, signing 26 international human rights instruments to date.
The document also pointed out that China has kept participating in establishing international rules and mechanisms for protecting human rights and engaging in UN human rights undertakings.
China has conducted extensive international exchanges and cooperation concerning human rights, establishing dialogue and negotiation mechanisms for human rights protection with more than 20 other countries, said the white paper.
The white paper noted the country has provided Chinese solutions to global human rights governance, making proposals at the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Human Rights Council and on other occasions to promote the establishment of a fair, just, reasonable and effective international human rights system.
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