China facilitates human rights development in the world: white paper
December 12,2018   By:Xinhua
BEIJING, Dec. 12, 2018 -- China has been facilitating the development of human rights in the world over the past 40 years of its reform and opening up, said a white paper released Wednesday by the State Council Information Office.
During the past decades, China has redoubled its efforts to promote human rights, sharing its experience, and creating more development opportunities globally, said the white paper titled "Progress in Human Rights over the 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up in China."
China has been increasing foreign assistance to many Asian and African developing countries. From 1950 to 2016, China provided 400 billion yuan (57.9 billion U.S. dollars) of foreign aid and conducted over 5,000 foreign assistance projects, according to the document.
China has helped improve development capacity of other countries, expanded its assistance, promoted the Belt and Road Initiative, initiated integrated development model, and increased assistance training, said the document.
The white paper noted China has been providing humanitarian relief to other countries to help them respond to severe natural disasters.
China has also been committed to safeguarding world peace, said the white paper.
According to the document, by May 2018, China had dispatched 37,000 military and 2,700 police personnel to participate in 30 UN peacekeeping missions in Sudan, Lebanon, Cambodia, Liberia and other countries and regions.
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