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20 injuired in Ireland's school bus, car collision
February 09,2018   By:Xinhua
DUBLIN, Feb.9,2018-- At least 20 people were injured when a school bus collided with a car in Ireland's southwest city of Limerick on Wednesday morning, said local media and sources.
The injured included 18 teenage students and two drivers, said the report, adding that none of the injured are in a life-threatening state.
Initial investigation showed that the collision was an accident, said the report quoting rescue officials.
According to the report, the accident happened at about 8:30 a.m. local time when a yellow school bus carrying 46 people on board hit a car near a village located some 10 km southeast of Limerick, a major city in the southwest part of Ireland.
The cause of the collision is not known at this moment.
Police and fire fight units as well as ambulances rushed to the site shortly after the accident was reported.
Helicopters were also employed in the rescue operation, according to a source in Limerick.
All the injured have been shifted to University Hospital Limerick where doctors said that none of the victims received life-threatening injuries.
Most of the injured in the bus walked out the capsized bus, said eyewitnesses.
The ill-fated school bus is provided by Bus Ireland through a sub-contractor. Details about the car and its driver involved in the accident were not mentioned in the report.
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