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2 people shot dead in Zurich city center: police
February 24,2018   By:Xinhua
GENEVA, Feb.24,2018-- Two people were killed in a shootout in an area near Zurich's main railway station on Friday, police said, with a local newspaper reporting that it stemmed from a domestic argument.
Police deployed a large contingent to respond to the downtown crime scene, but there was no danger for the population, Zurich police tweeted.
One of the victims was still alive when police arrived at the crime scene, but she succumbed to her injuries shortly after that, police said.
The German-language newspaper Blick online edition quoted eyewitnesses as saying that a man and woman had been engaged in an argument at a cafe and left after shouting at each other.
On the street, witnesses said the shouting continued and the man pulled out a handgun and shot the woman and then shot himself.
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