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Iran dismisses U.S. allegations on human rights as "politically-motivated"
April 24,2018   By:Xinhua
April 24, 2018 -- Iranian Foreign Ministry on Saturday rejected recent anti-Iran human rights allegations by the United States as "biased" and "politically-motivated."
The U.S. annual rights report about Iran is a "distorted and unreal picture from the current situation from the country," Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said in a statement.
"Not only is the United States itself a big violator of human rights, but it plays a role in supporting other violators of the human rights including Israel and some reactionary regimes in the region," read the statement.
Qasemi also warned the United States against interference in the internal affairs of other countries.
The recent annual report by the U.S. State Department accused Iran of high rates of execution and restrictions on freedom of expression.
Iran has insisted that the reports about the Islamic republic are blind about "Iran's progress and determined efforts in this field."
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