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Mozambican employers say new labor rules detrimental to investment
October 25,2018   By:Xinhua
Oct.25,2018-- The main employers' association of Mozambique, the Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA), said on Wednesday that the new rules on the limits of hiring foreign labor will be bad for attracting investment in the country.
The government on Wednesday submitted for discussion a preliminary draft revision of the Labor Law. According to the CTA, the document presents many protectionist rules, one of which is the limited number of foreigners that a national company is allowed to employ.
The president of CTA Agostinho Vuma said these limitations do not match current market dynamics and will deter those who want to invest in Mozambique.
"The country has to be easy to reach, hire and invest in. At this stage of growth we have to have the principle and even adopt the business-friendly model at all levels," he said.
Vuma said that the government should focus on the training of labor to ensure that more Mozambicans have the skills to fill the vacancies available in the market.
Meanwhile, the minister of labor, employment and social security, Vitoria Diogo, said that the revision of the Labor Law aims to respond to the current challenges of the market and fundamental labor rights.
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