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Kenyan president rejects China loans create 'debt trap'
November 05,2018   By:Xinhua
Beijing's foreign aid is offered on an equal basis, with full respect for the will of the governments and people of the recipient countries. It comes without interfering in domestic affairs or any political strings attached, he said.
The country always ensures that foreign aid is mutually beneficial, taking into consideration the financial sustainability of the recipients when carrying out aid projects, he said.
China offers foreign aid in an open manner, he added, and is willing to carry out third party cooperation with other countries.
Moreover, China's foreign aid is sustainable and is aimed at empowering recipients to overcome their development bottlenecks and achieve self-supported and sustainable development, he said.
China always places a priority on justice. This approach can stand the test of time and the judgment of the international community, Wang said.
Those who criticize China's good deeds should instead do more themselves to help Pacific island countries, he added.
Xinhua contributed to this story.
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