The Poverty Alleviation in the Deep Poverty-Stricken Areas and Safeguarding Human Rights of the Rural Poor
August 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract: Deep poverty-stricken areas include a series of deep poverty-stricken areas, deep poverty-stricken county and deep poverty village. The poverty alleviation in the deep poverty-stricken areas is currently the main task of poverty alleviation in rural areas, and also the key to effectively safeguard the human rights of the poor. Chinese government has focused the precision poverty alleviation on the deep poverty-stricken areas, formulated a series of policies and measures to promote poverty alleviation in deep poverty areas, promoted the overall improvement of production and living conditions in poor areas and a large decrease in the poverty population. Great progress has been made in poverty alleviation.
Keywords: Deep Poverty; Poverty Alleviation; Poverty Population
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