The Belt and Road Initiative and the Realization of the Right to Development in China’s Central and Western Regions
August 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract: The “Belt and Road” is a global public goods initiated by China and co-founded by all parties. The initiative is closely related to the realization of the right to development in China’s central and western regions. It has made great achievements in infrastructure connectivity, trade promotion, using mechanisms and platforms, guiding and serving government policies and exploring comparative advantages. However, it is also facing the problems that infrastructure needs to be improved and the economic structure needs to be optimized urgently. The degree of opening to the outside world still needs to be improved, the effect of appealing talent is lacking, and the ecological environment protection needs to be strengthened. The central and western regions should identify problems in upgrading the right to development, make up for the shortcomings and achieve a rapid and sound balanced development.
Keywords: The Belt and Road; China’s Central and Western Regions; The Right to Development
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