The Development of Women's Deliberation Mechanism in Jiangsu Province
December 27,2019   By:ssap
AbstractWomen’s Federation of Jiangsu Province initiated the Women’s Deliberation Mechanism and has been dedicated to its improvement. The mechanism aims at providing a platform for women to play a role in social affairs. The mechanism focuses on the issues that are most interested by women. It explores women’s wisdom and potential in dealing with the existing problems and ensures their voice be heard and their perspectives be taking into consideration. It also promotes women’s active participation in political and social affairs. Many women have empowered themselves through the system which has a far-reaching influence in Jiangsu and set a good example for China as a whole. This article introduces the background of the Women’s Deliberation Mechanism of Jiangsu,its current development,its challenges and recommendations for future improvement.
Keywords:Gender Perspective; Empowerment of Women; Women’s Deliberation Mechanism; Women’s Participation in Public Affairs
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