On the Implementation of the Anti-Domestic Violence Law -- A Case Study of Zhejiang Province
December 27,2019   By:ssap
AbstractDomestic violence is a worldwide human rights issue. The widespread existence of domestic violence is a serious violation of human rights. The “Anti-Domestic Violence Law of the People’s Republic of China”,which came into effect in 2016,is an important step taken by China in building a country ruled of law and respecting and protecting human rights. It is one of the important manifestations of China’s implementation of human rights protection in scientific legislation,strict law enforcement,fair justice,and law-abiding by the whole people. It emphasizes the responsibility of the state and the government,and provides various relief measures for the affected family members,reflecting the importance attached to the protection of the rights of victims of domestic violence. The life and significance of law lies in its implementation. Since the law took effect,Zhejiang Province has taken active measures and achieved fruitful results in the promotion of publicity and popularization,the implementation of the supporting system,the improvement of the anti-domestic violence linkage mechanism and the rescue mechanism,the establishment of the anti-domestic online service platform and the high-level professional rights protection team.
Keywords:Domestic Violence; Anti-domestic Violence law; Personal Safety
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