Guarantee of Students' Right to Education in Small Rural Schools and Township Boarding Schools -- Model Investigation in Pingliang Area
December 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract:In 2018,China made it clear that “small-scale rural schools” and “boarding schools in villages and towns” are important components of rural compulsory education,and put forward measures such as further overall planning,improving school-running conditions,strengthening teacher construction,strengthening financial security,improving school-running level. Pingliang actively explores and develops small-scale rural schools and boarding schools in villages and towns in light of local conditions,which provides useful experience for ensuring rural students’right to education. However,the protection of rural students’right to education is still facing new challenges. It is necessary to further protect rural students’ right to education from the aspects of improving the educational system,rationally planning school construction,improving the construction of teachers and optimizing the fund management system.
Keywords:Legal Protection; Right to Education; Rural Small-scale Schools; Township boarding schools
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