Review on the Research on the Relationship between Reform and Opening Up and China's Human Rights Development in 2018
December 27,2019   By:ssap
Abstract:The academic research on “reform and opening up and China’s human rights development” in 2018 surpasses the previous studies in terms of quantity,paradigm,content,method and other aspects. The research is mainly carried out in three dimensions:taking time as the vertical axis,the review of the development history of human rights in China in the past 40 years;a discussion of human rights developments over the past 40 years,with the field as the horizontal axis;from a theoretical perspective,the exploration to dynamic mechanism,the rule of development and road. The relevant studies in 2018 still need to be further explored in terms of the dynamic mechanism of China’s human rights development,fail to truly view the development of China’s human rights cause from the perspective of the world,and need to be strengthened criticalness and perspectiveness. In the future,domestic human rights research will show broad space for development in terms of research content and research approach.
Keywords:Human Rights; Reform and Opening Up; Development of China’s Human Rights
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